Century S1 Stealth

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There are dynamic anglers who know that hunting and searching out, close up and personal, is a pure adrenaline rush. Stalking a fish is an art form in its own right. The rewards are huge. Century has designed and built a specialist tool that will dominate a fish and reduce the prospect of a hook pull in this incredibly exciting and exacting activity. The tip engages in a satisfying and protective curve – cushioning the hook. The intricate carbon patterns are CAM cut after being designed by dedicated anglers, to create a truly responsive arc.

Angler led design in conjunction with cutting edge manufacturing technology. The 3.25lb T/C engages over the upper two thirds of the rod. The rod’s length, which is determined by its application, means that the lower third is effectively sheltered underneath the forearm. S1 incorporates a specially built up composite handle covered in poly rubber and fitted with Frank Warwick’s balanced ball butt cap. Slze12 tip guide to avoid line choke.

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